The Mormon Choir of Washington DC
2017 Fall & Christmas Season

November 16, 2017
Interdenomination Program
Program: 7:30 PM
Wash Hebrew Congregation
Website Map Link

December 9, 2017
Christmas Program
Programs at: 7:00 & 8:00 PM
LDS Temple
Visitor Center
9900 Stoneybrook Dr
Kensington, MD 20895
Map Link

December 10, 2017
Christmas Program
Program: 7:00 PM
LDS Frederick MD Chapel


Free Music for Choir Directors, Vocal and Piano Soloists
Web Sites
LDS Church Website Click This Link
Sally Deford, LDS Music   Click This Link
Greg Goehring, LDS Music   Click This Link
Ashlely Hall, LDS Music  Click This Link
Linda Kirby, LDS Music   Click This Link
Craig Petrie, LDS Music   Click This Link
Joan Soward, LDS Music   Click This Link
Ricky Valadez, LDS & Other Music   Click This Link
Michelle Willis, LDS Music   Click This Link
Repository of Free LDS Sheet Music Sources   Click This Link
Pay Music for Choir Directors, Vocal and Piano Soloists
Aaron Waite, LDS Music   Click This Link
Green Label Music   Click This Link  Download, pay by copy
Classical Music Archive   Click This Link  some free,
annual fee for full access
Michelle Willis, LDS Music   Click This Link
Vocal Instruction on the Web
Univ of Southern Maine
School of Music
Click This Link
Latin Pronunciation Tutorial Click This Link
Music Theory on the Web
Thinkquest Click This Link
Southern Methodist Univ Click This Link
Zzounds Music Theory Click This Link
Music Conducting Instruction
Michelle Willis/Teton Music Click This Link
Composer Studies
Beethoven, courtesy of students of Green Moutain Central School District, Vermont Click This Link
Audio Recording Resources
Podcasting, Recording Audio and Video
Excellent Resources
PODCAST Solutions,
by Michael W. Geoghegan & Dan Klass
Friendsof, Apress Company
Audio Editing Software - Free
AUDACITY  click to access website
WAV to MP3,WMA driver for Audacity LAME  click to access website
Software to Level parts of a recording LEVELATOR  click to access website
Music Hardware & Software
Music Software Resources Click This Link
Sound Professionals Click This Link
Sweetwater Music Click This Link

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Special Announcement

Our CD, "It Is
Well With My Soul"
Is available on
iTunes and Amazon.
2018 Extended Schedule

Harris Pavilion
Manassas, VA
Summer Program

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